Club Presidents

Meet your Club Presidents from Division 2 South


Valentina Phung


Hi, my name is Valentina Phung and I serve as the president of Alameda Key Club for the 2020-2021 term! I am so excited so be here this term and get those who deserve the recognized! I have a passion for helping the community though service and I hope to see you at one of our division events! Please don’t be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself :)


Zackry Jugarap


Ahola my people ~ I'm Zack and I proudly serve Arroyo Key Club as their president for the 2020-2021 term! Being a senior this year is scary but I plan on making the best of this year and especially this term! I'm 5'6 1/2 110 pounds so if you ever see some short and skinny guy with a camera at events just know it's me and say hi, I promise I wont bite : )

I play a lot of games, listen to almost all genres of music, and I love to talk about photography, videography, editing, and more honestly I think I just like talking in general so feel free to talk to me whenever about anything you feel like talking about!

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Natalie Masilang

Castro Valley

Heyooo my name is Natalie Masilang and i serve as your Castro Valley Key Club president this term. Key club has been a big part of my life and how I met many of my friends. Outside of key club I am in women’s a cappella class at my school. I tend to be very outgoing and enthusiastic when I’m yelling you’ll most likely hear me from a block away. If you ever need a friend I will always be there to listen or if you need someone to hang out with/get boba. I’m very addicted to boba so please if y’all want to go on boba hangouts just let me know. I can’t wait to serve with all of y’all and hopefully make more amazing memories this term!!!

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Jennifer Guan


HELLO :)) my name is jennifer and i’m currently a junior at KIPP King. i’m sooOooO honored to be serving kkc key club this term as their president. i fell in L O V E with key club my freshmen year and i knew that i would continuing loving this club. meeting so many people within the club shaped me to be the person i am today! i began to learn so much from other members, i started to be more open, and i started to be more happy :) other than key club, i love to binge watch anime and kdramas, going on adventures with friends, and riding scooters around my neighborhood. i also have a REALLY messed up sleep schedule (i wake up at 4pm) so i’ll be awake during the late hours if you need someone to talk to hehe. my camera roll is full of bad drawings of ATLA characters, let me know if you wanna see them :) please get to know me more so we can go on boba runs together after events. i can’t wait to work with you and see you grow this term!


Claire Liang

Leadership Public Hayward

Hi everyone! I’m Claire and I serve as this term’s Division News Editor as well as LPS Hayward’s President. I am a senior and I like to play volleyball. I have a bit of a stationery problem and I have a bullet journal. I also may or may not have a slight caffeine addiction; my teen dream job is to work at Starbucks lol. My favorite memory would be when I spent my 17th birthday in New York with my friends. With that being said, I honestly can’t wait to get to serve you all and make you all proud. :’)


Kim Lund

San Leandro

Hello! My name is Kim Lund, and I proudly serve San Leandro Key Club as their president! Key Club has truly made a huge impact on who I am today, and seeing the community that a shared passion for service can form is amazing. Besides Key Club, I love to listen to music, like keshi, MitiS, yetep, 88rising and NCT Dream! I also enjoy trying out new boba spots and bullet journaling. I'm always down to make new friends, so don't hesitate to say hi and talk to me!

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Luis Angulo

San Lorenzo

Heya! My name is Luis Angulo and I’ll be a senior this upcoming school year. I enjoy photography in my free time and I love to eat sushi! I also love butterflies and pomegranates! Key Club has had a very positive influence on my life, as I am able to create so many unforgettable memories, make new friends, experience something new, and make an impact through small or big actions!